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Carestream Cone Beam 8100
Carestream 8100

Our new Carestream 8100 3D is an extraoral imaging system that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of complex endodontic cases. The system’s advanced CMOS detector produces low-dose, high-resolution 3D CT images.

In the 3D mode, the Carestream’s 8100 3D’s unique localized field of view limits radiation while providing volumetric studies of small areas of the jaws and supporting structures. Reconstruction of the images using a voxel (VOlume piXEL) size of 0.076 mm results in high-resolution images for more accurate diagnoses and improved treatment planning.


Additional benefits of the Carestream8100 3D include:

  • Precise visualization of dental structures in their actual spatial representation. Displaying axial, coronal, sagittal, and cross-sectional images and the unit provided 3D reconstructions that accurately depict structures in their actual relationships to improve diagnosis.  
  • Radiation that is more than 100 times less radiation than a medical CT scan.
  • Reconstructions of 3D images in under 40 seconds, with real-time viewing of the image as it is being recorded.
  • Ability to print, transfer image data via optical media (CD) for viewing with an imbedded viewing applet, and send screen “snapshots” of significant finding by email.